5 LinkedIn Accounts You Need To Be Following

LinkedIn is often overlooked in the world of social media. Facebook has the controversy, Instagram has the beautiful people, Twitter is…well, an addictive dumpster fire of a platform and TikTok has the creative muscle.

So what about LinkedIn? Yes, it is a bit more straight-laced than its chaotic cousins but there is still fun to be had on the platform. And we are constantly seeing innovative, and dare we say it, creative, uses of the professional network. 

So forget about those cool kids on Instagram and TikTok, and come across to the grown-up table. The wine is good, the conversation flows (ignore the salesperson in the corner, we can’t get rid of him/her) and the connections you make, last for life.

Joining you at the LinkedIn table are:


Mark Gaisford, Co-Founder RedSprout Media

Mark has been shaking up the way you use LinkedIn for years. Once a recruiter, Mark moved into marketing, specialising in LinkedIn video content, after his videos went viral. His irreverent videos will make you laugh out loud, but you will also learn something new about how to use the platform. 

He also gives an unfiltered view into his work at RedSprout Media and his everyday experiences of ADHD, which he was only recently diagnosed with. It’s worth just following him to watch his colleague Olivia trying to keep him in check…

A true LinkedIn legend…


Dan Knowlton, Co-Founder of Knowlton

Dan gets video. Always entertaining (and often involving wigs), his content gets amazing engagement with his audience always wanting more.

He also hosts a podcast with his brother Llyod, Business Anchors and sends out a weekly newsletter, both unflinchingly giving out business advice while also having a laugh.

Plus you can win a bottle of wine if you subscribe!


String Nguyen, StringStory Media

String calls herself a creative tech strategist and video producer who has worked with over 200 innovators, startup founders, and entrepreneurs. She also loves herself some fried chicken, which only adds to her appeal!

There is nothing that String doesn’t know about LinkedIn, and she’s even dipped her toes into other social media avenues such as Snapchat, with her award-winning channel Women in Tech.

Follow her for fried chicken, stay for the LinkedIn strategy…


Famous Campaigns

We’ve all been there. Stuck for inspiration. The same ideas swirling around your head. A member of the team suggests “floating it down the Thames”. Nothing. The creative part of your brain is a dust-ridden wasteland of nothingness.

This is where Famous Campaigns comes into its own. Scrolling through their posts, you cannot feel but inspired. Showcasing some of the best in the business, Famous Campaigns is a gold mine of creativity.

You’ll never want to float anything down the Thames ever again…


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