5 Christmas Ads that have put us in a merry mood this year

The time for cracker jokes, party hats and (probably too much) drinking is quickly approaching as we countdown to Christmas. With the advent season in full swing, we’re sharing some of our favourite Christmas TV ads. 

And no John Lewis doesn’t feature! Though we might be in the minority, with data from our client MediaVision showing there were 2,400 search queries for “John Lewis Christmas Advert” during November, some way ahead of competitors such as Tesco and Sainsbury’s. But we thought we’d go against the trend!

Although our clips may be filled with a couple of cheesy clichés, after another year infused with Coronavirus scares, the messages of kindness, friendship and lightheartedness they bring are more than welcome. 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy these five heartwarming ads with a big cup of Bailey’s hot choc. We promise they’ll get you excited for the big day!

  1. Domino’s –  Nothing screams Christmas like yodeling men singing DOMIN-OH-HOO-HOO. 

Although only 40-seconds, Domino’s has made a lasting impression with their first ever festive advertisement. Retreating from the usual sentimentality of Christmas ads, a choir of singers who begin yodelling for Domino’s in their supposed carol service is sure to make you laugh. Following in the footsteps of their summer yodelling campaign, the much-loved pizza chain reminds us that Christmas doesn’t need to be populated by mince pies and Brussels sprouts – so why not get everyone together for a Turkey pizza instead?

  1. Amazon Prime – Through the support of charity Pets as Therapy, a CGI hyena tugs at our heartstrings.

This brief video follows the relationship of a zookeeper and hyena who become bound by their love of entertainment, starting with Clarkson’s Farm. Just as Jeremy was probably the nation’s most unlikely farmer, a very unexpected friendship between ‘Hattie’ the hyena and the zookeeper blossoms. Demonstrating, and recognising, the importance of animals to peoples’ lives, Prime Video is donating £100,000 to Pets as Therapy off the back of this campaign. 

This charity aims to provide everyone in the UK access to the companionship of a pet. Paired with an arrangement of Nat King Cole’s ‘Smile,’ sung by the talented Joy Crookes, we believe even Scrooge would be cheered up by Amazon Prime’s endearing ad.

  1. Aldi – Who doesn’t love anything featuring Marcus Rashford?

Speaking of Scrooge, Aldi brings us all the puns in this fruit and veg inspired Christmas Carol, voted this year’s most effective ad. From Ebanana Scrooge to the tomato Tiny Tom, the ad also portrays Aldi’s beloved character, Kevin the Carrot, as the spirit of Christmas. Kevin shows grumpy Ebanana the true meaning of the holidays, with a cameo from Marcus Radishford – “he’s always helping children!” Kevin exclaims. 

In the spirit of Marcus himself, Aldi announced they will be providing 1.8 million meals to families in need over the festive season. Because, as the narrator puts it, “for you to be happy, you need to be kind.” A good cause, some peachy puns, and a hilarious dig at M&S (Cuthbert the Caterpillar is seen arrested by two lemons), Aldi has truly stolen the show with A Christmas Carrot. 

  1. Celebrations – Bounty finally meets his match.

Poor old Bounty bars. Voted one of the least favourite Christmas foods this year along with the notorious Brussels sprout, Celebrations made fun of this unlikeable pair in a bittersweet Christmas skit. It follows a downcast man dressed up as a Bounty who constantly gets rejected. But then, in a Love Actually style scene, a girl in a Brussels sprout costume (aka Kiera Knightley) stands outside the Bounty’s door while she confesses that to her, “thick milk chocolate and moist coconut” is perfect.

 At least they have each other, hey?

  1. Sainsbury’s – It has been a long time coming!

Finally, the Sainsbury’s Christmas ad gets us drooling over the thought of the upcoming family roast dinner – and all the chaos that comes with it! Etta James’ smooth vocals provide the backing track as we follow the camera through a family’s Christmas day meal frozen in time on our screens, only then to spring into action with Prosecco flying, gravy pouring and crackers popping. 

And since it’s wise old Stephen Fry telling us to make “it a Christmas to savour” when the scene bursts back into life, I guess we’ll have to do just that!