5 launches we’ve loved this month

It’s often hard to keep on top of what’s new when our social media feeds are constantly peddling products at us. That’s why, this week, we’ve brought together the 5 product and services launches we love enough to put on your radar…


Advertising itself as the ‘Airbnb for workspaces’, Narau might prove itself vital to our post-pandemic working habits. We’ve all seen a rise in local workspaces, popping up on every street corner like Starbucks, and for those who can’t stand the home office (or the dining room table) anymore, then this app could be handy.

The idea is the app helps you find that arty workspace/café with ease. Workspaces in a radius around you will be shown on the map, with a profile that outlines the amenities. That means you can check all the important things – does it have free WiFi, meeting rooms, and even whether it has a bar, before booking your slot. As we say… handy.

Decathlon Marketplace

This month, the retailer has decided to become the Amazon of sports and outdoor gear by creating the Decathlon Marketplace. This new platform will allow consumers to browse thousands of new products from both smaller sports brands and the bigger household names. The common thread? Quality. 

There has been a stark lack of quality outdoor gear since the start of the pandemic as the increase in stay-cationers has led to a rapid rise in demand. Decathlon has clocked this and is being selective with the brands it allows onto its marketplace, ensuring a reliable product line-up – unlike other certain online marketplaces. You don’t want your tent to collapse on day one of the festival now, do you? 

Apple’s iOS 15

General release may be a few months away, but for developers and keen Apple fans, there is an opportunity to start experiencing the beta of iOS15. Naturally, the new update comes with a wide range of features. One of our favourites being the new focus mode, in which you’re able to tune out notifications from certain apps at certain times. So no more messages from your Mum when you’re down the pub with your mates on a Friday night.

Maps has also had an overview (thank god), with a new, improved and more detailed 3D view, custom-designed landmarks, and a night-time mode to save you getting blinded whilst driving at night. 

Most importantly though, you’ll now be able to share video, music, and your screen via FaceTime, so you can watch Netflix and listen to songs (in sync!) with your friends and family, all whilst being able to see their smiling faces in the corner. 


Earlier this month, Netflix moved from the world of video streaming into Ecommerce by launching Netflix.Shop, a new online store that partners with streetwear brands to produce new lines of show-inspired clothing. 

The best part is, they’re not tacky designs either. All the garments are lovingly crafted by people who are not just fashion designers, but also fans of the shows too, meaning they’ve sprinkled just enough reference to the show to make it relevant whilst keeping the design on-trend. 

Thanks to the global audience of Netflix, and the sheer number of shows that it produces, it has potential to be a rival to all the big-name fashion retailers. Now we just need to wait for that Bridgerton range…

Parla Pro Toothpaste Tablets

Toothpaste tube design is pretty useless when you think about it. You can never get the last bit out, and it makes a mess of your sink. Either way, PÄRLA is revolutionising the oral hygiene game with its new toothpaste tablets. They boast a wealth of vitamins and minerals, a lack of harmful and unethical ingredients (such as animal-derived ingredients and palm oil), and come in an eco-friendly glass jar that can neatly sit in your bathroom. 

What’s really caught our eye – aside from the sleek design – is the fact you can subscribe to have them delivered to your door every four months. Whilst this model is nothing new for bathroom brands (think Function of Beauty, Dollar Shave Club and Glossy Box), it’s interesting that there’s a push for DTC convenience in the beauty sector. This seems to be the way these brands are building brand loyalty. Even toothpaste.