SME Training

We’ve been working with entrepreneurs for over 20 years making a real difference to their businesses. Our work has grown the value of businesses over time so that they’ve gone on to sell at a premium.  We’ve helped new product launches get listed in major grocery multiples. We’ve helped our SMEs win major new clients and to get onto high profile TV shows.  We always judge the value of our work by how it can materially impact our clients’ businesses.

With all of this accumulated knowledge and because we know that most businesses can’t afford a PR agency at the outset, we’ve developed a short course that gives SMEs some PR basics so that they can start promoting their businesses from day one.

Case Studies

Why Velvet?

In the 15 years since we were established, Velvet has built a reputation as a no-nonsense agency whose market insights, knowledge and acumen have helped numerous clients grow and realise their potential.

We understand your market – there’s no need for us to ‘get up to speed’ or spend time ‘immersing’ and ‘familiarising’. We can make a difference to your comms from day one. We do this by using our knowledge and contacts, thinking laterally to identify the attributes and ideas that will resonate with the media and help you meet your business objectives.

We stay focused We hone our expertise and skills to ensure we have the right set of products and services at our disposal to help your comms activity make an impact.

We deliver results We’re tenacious, going beyond mere PR coverage to generate business opportunities, partnerships and platforms to help build your brand.

We know your media Reporters, bloggers, analysts come to us for ideas, advice, stories and introductions. We channel our knowledge, experience and connections to create opportunities.

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