Case Study: Chinasearch Picks Up The Pieces

  • Founder profiles in four national newspapers
  • Products covered in 15 magazines in only 4 months

Chinasearch is Europe’s leading china matching company, providing replacement items for old and discontinued dinner services. The company had an ageing clientele and a slightly ‘dusty’ image. Coverage appeared infrequently and was not representative of what Chinasearch had to offer. 

The big idea

Velvet repositioned the brand as a place for buying beautiful china pieces, rather than just for replacements. We also identified that raising its corporate profile with features about the business founders – two older women who first met at a coffee morning – was also key to media interest.

The execution

We soon discovered the media couldn’t get enough of Chinasearch’s ‘accidental entrepreneur’ founders, Helen Rush and Jackie Wigley. Velvet also placed coverage about the company’s new tableware and pottery products in a wide range of key lifestyle magazines.

The impact

Helen and Jackie were profiled in the FT, Times, Independent, Telegraph, SAGA and Choice, while their new products were featured in everything from Country Living to Eve.