Case Study: Turning Huq Into The Footfall Data Gurus

  • Realising the value of data editors
  • 13 tier-one stories in three months
  • Eight pieces in the FT

Velvet PR approached data business Huq in June 2020 to recommend a short, focused PR campaign based on the brand’s real-time population mobility data. The brief was to get Huq on the radar of investors and prospects alike.

The big idea 

Velvet prompted Huq to measure specific sector and behavioural data (e.g., how quickly people were returning to the High Street in summer 2020) to tell interesting stories that we knew would be at the top of the news agenda.

The execution

Our key strategy was to build relationships with data editors at the national broadsheets, particularly the Telegraph, The Economist and FT. The other key measure of success was to get senior journalists signed up to regular data feeds from Huq.

Our stories included the opening up of non-essential retail, travel patterns and back-to-work statistics.

The impact

The campaign generated 13 pieces of coverage in only three months across tier one business media, including eight in the FT alone. It encouraged prospects to get in touch and showed existing prospects that Huq’s data could be trusted.

It also provided endorsement for the investment board, demonstrating that Huq was a worthy target for funding.