The Drinking Code – Instinct for an FMCG Story

Achieving organic coverage through social media shares and engagement.

Maxus undertook a qualitative and quantitative study questioning more than 6,500 drinkers in five global markets (UK, USA, India, China and Australia) about their relationship with alcohol and the role it plays in their lives. From the results they published The Drinking Code, which uncovered seven key consumer behaviours for marketers to focus on.

Velvet proposed a media relations approach with Velvet handling the UK and local markets by utilising their own PR resource. This media coverage was amplified via social media outreach.

We achieved impressive coverage, including 22 articles in The Times, Mail Online and The Independent. As well as achieving 336,417,950  total reach, the news was shared 3887 times via social media, 775 comments were left on articles, and Vice and The Lad Bible picked up the research organically.