Hands Raised: Why we love the latest Google ad 

Name: “Hands Raised” by Uncommon London for Google.

Age: About a week old.

Well, what is it?  Hands Raised is the latest advert for Google created by Uncommon. The 60 second ad depicts a number of social situations that spark curiosity and a search for answers such as ”what’s a ceilidh” and “how to check on someone”. 

Why is it special? The scenarios portrayed in the ad are very straightforward and true to life situations. I’m sure we’ve all seen a cultural celebration or tradition and wondered what it was, and for me, this is where the ad comes into its own – it normalises cultural curiosity and encourages us to ask questions without fear of judgement. 

Oh, I get it. Like, just raise your hand and ask the question. Exactly. The voiceover provided by Marcus Rashford MBE is incredibly fitting as he is a shining example of how to be a catalyst for change and a figure that many young people are inspired by. Rashford concludes the ad by saying “the more we learn the closer we get”, which is lovely isn’t it? That’s what I love about this ad – it encourages curiosity and removes the stigma of ignorance that’s often associated with asking questions about mental health, other cultures and new social situations. 

Yeah, that makes sense. Yes. I remember my teachers always saying “don’t be afraid to ask questions” but I quickly realised that in real life situations, curiosity can sometimes come off as stupidity or insensitivity. The ad strikes the perfect balance of simplicity and practicality and tells us that “it’s not our questions that define us, it’s what we do with the answers”.

Do say: “What do you want to know?”

Don’t say: “Not my problem, you’re on your own mate!”